As one of the earliest adopters of Seek, I'm sure you have lots of questions about what is coming and where we are going! I'm here today to share some insider tips and a bit of my story.

It wasn't more than 4 months ago that I reached out to Jon Cheney and Michael Snow founder and co-founder of Seek after learning of their fantastic ambitions. They wanted to create an adventure similar to PokémonGO but with real value.

I am a passionate developer, and had been looking for something special and make a real difference. I saw that Seek that would bring families and friends together in epic adventures with awesome rewards, and I was in.

Here are 5 hacks you can use to help carry Seek into 2017 and help us create adventures for millions of people this year.

Hack 1 - Seek Together!

There are multiple reasons to start Seeking together. First, and most obvious to certain Seekers so far - chest doubling. Chest doubling is much more effective when a group gets together and one person doubles an epic or legendary chest and then everyone else opens it. Chest doublers won't double the quantities of your prizes but rather how many prizes you get, which is great because you have a much higher chance of winning the big prizes! Chest doublers double the chest on the server, which means the chest will be doubled for all users for 30 minutes.

Hack 2 - Use your settings to save power!

We are working to make Seek an aesthetically pleasing experience from the music to the sound effects to the visual effects. But we also know that it is a huge drain on your precious battery life, so we included many options for saving battery power. Head over to your settings and turn on all the battery saving options and you can save over 9000% battery life! (Don't quote me on that)

Hack 3 - Never spend a penny of real money!

There are two kinds of currencies that can be found in every chest. Seek Coins and Cash. The Seek Coins are pretty obvious, and you can spend those on keys and chest doublers. Did you also know that you can use the cash in several ways? First off, it is real cash. If you are in your stash, you can tap the PayPal button in the top right and cash it out to your PayPal account! Alternatively, you can purchase coins with your cash and we will take it from your stash before we prompt you to make a purchase with your credit card as long as you have enough for the amount of coins you are trying to purchase.

Hack 4 - Keep getting an early start!

We have huge growth plans. We will be adding some very cool progression aspects to Seek and everything you do right now will contribute to that progression! I won't spill all the beans now but just know, we have some very awesome rewards for our top Seekers and their friends and families coming in 2017!

Hack 5 - Tell us what to do next!

As I said at the start, our focus is you! We want you to have the best meaningful experience but we need your help. Here are the ways you can help:

  • Fill out this survey to help us decide what features should come next and are most exciting or add your own suggestions!
  • Feedback! What are we doing wrong? Where is the app breaking? Is it not working the way you think it should? Let us know!
  • Kudos. We need positive feedback! Please tell us what you love so we can get those warm fuzzies that tell us we are on the right track! You can do this by sending us an email, posting reviews on the App Store or Play Store and or by stopping by any of our social media pages and saying "Hi"!

That's it. I hope these were helpful. I have no doubt that most of you figured out most of this anyway but let's make 2017 a year of setting goals and accomplishing them. Let's make 2017 a year where we adventure a little more. Where we get up and out instead of watching our favorite show. Let's spend 2017 interfacing with the people we love and the world that is so beautiful.

Here's to a brand new year with great things to come!


Chris White
Seek CTO