By Jourdyn Reid

Seek - The whole experience. Assuming you love your technology as much as we do, it has become a major part of your life.  Seek is an augmented reality, location-based treasure hunting app. It's kind of like PokemónGo, but you win stuff!  Making your everyday traveling, shopping and free time more efficient and entertaining.

The whole experience?  Yes.  Augmented reality is a technology that creates a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.  This AR app connects you with the world by using the Seek Map to find Seek Chests that are filled with prizes! Prizes may be coins, real cash, TVs, sports tickets, gift cards and more. Chests can be found all over the country.  Connecting with the world improves your overall social experience, while meeting new people and friends of your same interests.

The mission of our app is to help people find "rewards through adventure".  We want to push people to get off the couch and experience the world they live in.  Take your family, friends, co-workers or simply yourself out and adventure for real life treasure chests.  Explore your city, neighborhood and country, all while creating memories and building relationships that last forever. 

There are different types of chests to be opened; some requiring keys to be unlocked.  You can purchase keys with virtual coins or win them in other chests.  The various types of chests include; Common (blue), Rare (green), Epic (purple), Legendary (gold), Heavenly (white) and Retail (red).  Rare, Epic and Legendary chests all require keys to open.  When you enter your interests, it increases your chances to win prizes of those same interests.  We are talking about real life prizes... stuff you can touch with your hands.  Many people have already begun their adventure to hunt for chests, some already having great success. A Canon camera, sports tickets and several other prizes have been awarded to users! What will you find?